Contributor Bios

Seth Tuler

Seth Tuler is a Research Fellow in the George Perkins Marsh Institute at Clark University and a Researcher at the Social and Environmental Research Institute in Leverett, Massachusetts. He received his Ph.D. from Clark University in 1996, where his research focused on opportunities for discursive planning opportunities for forest resource management and the relationships between interpersonal interactions and the development of mutual understandings. He received an M.S. from the Technology and Policy Program of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (1987) where he studied human behavior in time-pressured distributed decision systems. Recently he has worked in the area of public health and safety and risk communication related to contamination from nuclear weapons facilities and nuclear fallout. As part of that work he serves as a member to the Federal Advisory Committee on Energy Related Epidemiologic Research and the National Cancer Institute Working Group on Radio-Epidemiologic Tables. His current research interests include risk communication, public participation in environmental planning, and safety management.