Writing Tips from Tutors

Antioch University New England Writing Center

Getting Started:

Organizing Ideas Before You Write by Molly Conley

Sample Timeline for Writing a Paper by John Dunham and Rachel Sperling

Structuring Your Writing:

Thesis Statements by Cindy Snow

Let it Flow: How to Transition Between Ideas by Deyna Roebuck

Revising and Polishing:

Writing Concisely by Michael Nork

A Checklist for Revision by John Dunham

Integrating Sources:

A Guide to Signal Phrases by Leslie Wilson

A Short Guide to Paraphrasing by Tracy Bartella

APA Quick Reference Sheet adapted by Sharon Elise Hudson

Checklist for Writing in APA Style by John Dunham

Dealing With Grammar:

Active and Passive Voice, Active and Passive Verbs by Tracy Bartella

Avoiding Comma Splices (and Fused or Run-on Sentences) by John Dunham

A Tip Sheet for Using The English Articles by John Dunham

Other Topics:

Techniques for Different Types of Learners by Lauren Weisberg

The Basics of Essays by John Dunham