Writing Center Staff

Liz_Corley_webLiz Corley is a doctoral student in the Clinical Psychology program. She completed her undergraduate degree at Bennington College, where she studied Biology, Psychology, and Mathematics. She has spent the past few years working with a variety of non-human animals and other mysterious life forms (e.g., slime mold). She is excited to finally work with humans again, particularly through her involvement with the Writing Center.

Mauren_Campbell_webMauren Campbell is a master’s student in the Education program, and is focusing her study on Elementary Science and Environmental Education. After studying English and Archaeology as an undergraduate, she stumbled into a job at an elementary school, and was hooked on teaching from the very first day. Mauren initially realized her love for supporting fellow writers when a kindergartener named Duke asked her for help sounding out the word “lightsaber.” Duke explained that he was drawing a picture of the game he was playing, and wanted to write the story underneath. Since that first encounter with helping a writer to communicate something important, Mauren has been excited to accompany other students, fellow teachers, and peer graduate students on the journey toward their best written work.

Michael Goddard is a doctoral student in Clinical Psychology. After completing an undergraduate degree in Politics, Michael spent seven years abroad, teaching ESL in Bulgaria, and doing nonprofit work in Sierra Leone. Michael enjoys every step of the writing process from brainstorming to applying the finishing polish. He is enthusiastic to learn about your area of study and to work with you on getting your ideas onto the page.

Rachel McHale

Ray McHale is a doctoral student in the Clinical Psychology program. Ray completed an undergraduate degree at Hartwick College and majored in Psychology and Religious Studies. Ray also worked as a tutor at Hartwick’s Writing Center for two years, and enjoys creative writing, hiking, fencing, and hockey.

Lauren Wesiberg, Writing Center Tutor

Lauren Weisberg is a doctoral student in the Clinical Psychology program. As an undergraduate student at SUNY Geneseo, Lauren was a teaching assistant for several psychology classes, helping students with papers and other assignments, and she continues to T.A. several classes at AUNE. Lauren is still figuring out what she wants to do in the field of clinical psychology, but is interested in feminist psychology. She looks forward to seeing you in the writing center!