Writing Center Tutors

molly_conley, writing center tutor AUNEMolly Conley is a Clinical Psychology doctoral student who recently moved to Keene from Westchester, New York. She completed her undergraduate degree in Psychology at Columbia University. While in school, Molly tutored elementary school students in Harlem, which introduced her to the world of language-based learning disabilities. After graduating, she took a job teaching middle schoolers with dyslexia and ADHD. Molly works with children with special needs, and she advocates for international special needs orphans. Outside of class, you’ll probably find her curled up with a good book, baking a mean batch of chocolate chip cookies, or spending time with her friends and their various pets. Moly hopes you will come visit her in the writing center!

molly_conley, writing center tutor AUNEMary Coventry is a Clinical Mental Health Counseling student who lives in southern Vermont. She completed her undergraduate degree in Religious Studies and Writing at Marlboro College, where she wrote an undergraduate thesis on the themes of suffering, healing, and the social construction of reality, as depicted in the Book of Job. Her favorite writer is Kurt Vonnegut, and her hobbies include playing basketball, hiking with her dog, Pippi, and listening to the Les Mis soundtrack on repeat.

Deyna Roebuck, AUNE Writing Center TutorDeyna Roebuck is studying for her master’s degree in the Environmental Studies Department, to complement a New Hampshire science teaching certification.  She studied sustainable development and ecotourism in Costa Rica, canvassed the mean streets of Pittsburgh during a crucial election season, and taught children about recycling through chocolate milk cartons and hot dog buns.  Her hobbies include doing arts and crafts, following political blogs, and watching classic Disney movies.”

Rachel McHaleRachel McHale is a doctoral student in the Clinical Psychology program.She completed her undergraduate degree at Hartwick College, where she majored in Psychology and Religious Studies. She also worked as a tutor at Hartwick’s Writing Center for two years. She enjoys creative writing, hiking, fencing, and hockey.

Lauren Wesiberg, Writing Center Tutor

Lauren Weisberg is a doctoral student in the Clinical Psychology program.  As an undergraduate student at SUNY Geneseo, Lauren was a teaching assistant for several psychology classes, helping students with papers and other assignments.  Lauren is still figuring out what she wants to do in the field of clinical psychology, but is interested in feminist psychology.  She looks forward to seeing you in the writing center!