How to Make an Appointment

As an AUNE student, you can take advantage of free writing support in person, via phone or Skype appointments, or through the Virtual Writing Center. Instructions for accessing each of these are below.

Note that if you have a long paper (>8 pages), you may not be able to go through everything in a typical hour-long session. If you have time, you are welcome to reserve two hours in a row to discuss longer papers, or return for multiple sessions.

In-person Sessions at the AUNE Writing Center:

Log into our Online Appointment System to reserve a session during scheduled Writing Center hours.  The first time, you will need to register, which you can do via the link above or directly here. Once you have registered, sign in to the system and you will see the Writing Center Schedule for the next week (you can scroll ahead to see future weeks). Click on any open (white) hour block and fill out the sing-up form to make an appointment. You are also welcome to come to the Writing Center on a drop-in basis if no one else has reserved the hour.

Phone Sessions at the AUNE Writing Center:

As with in-person tutoring, use our Online Registration System to reserve a session during the Writing Center’s regularly scheduled hours. On the sign-up form, select “via Phone,” and list your phone number for the tutor to contact you. After you make the appointment, use the “attach a paper” link that appears in the sign-up form window. If you accidentally close the window, you can attach the paper later by clicking on the yellow folder icon on the upper left side of the online schedule.

Skype Sessions at the AUNE Writing Center

As with phone support above, make an appointment and select “via Skype” on the sign-up form. Please list both your Skype contact name and your phone number (in case of technical glitches). You’ll also need to add “AUNE.Tutors” as a contact in Skype, and the contact you at the start of the session. If you have technical difficulties, you can call the AUNE Writing Center at 603-283-2414.

Virtual Writing Center (VWC) Support:

The VWC is freely available to all Antioch University students.  You can use the VWC to submit your paper electronically and received written feedback from a tutor within 24-48 hours. To access the VWC, follow the steps below:

  • Go to
  • Under “Submit Your Writing” on the right side of the page, click on the link for Antioch University New England and follow the instructions to log in to the eTutoring service.
  • If you have difficulty accessing the VWC, contact the VWC Coordinator at, and please include your AUEID, Antioch e-mail address, and campus affiliation.

Support for Dissertations and Theses

Writing support is also available for your thesis or dissertation work, both in-person and virtually. Because of the scope of these documents, we recommend that you review your work through a series of appointments with a single tutor over a period of weeks or months. It is important to note that particular requirements for theses and dissertations are program specific, and questions about those areas are best directed to your thesis adviser. If you would like regular support for a thesis or dissertation, please contact the AUNE Writing Center Coordinator, John Dunham, before signing up for tutoring.