The AUNE Writing Center

Helping us all become better writers, better thinkers, and better learners.

Welcome to the website of the Antioch University New England Writing Center! We offer free academic support for AUNE students.

The work of framing, organizing, and engaging with an idea is both the heart of good writing and the heart of academic work generally. The Writing Center mission is to help students become better writers, better thinkers, and better learners by providing peer feedback and support for all parts of this process. We believe that all writers – experienced, intermediate, and novice – benefit from feedback on their work.

You can visit the Writing Center in the library, or make an appointment to meet with a tutor by phone or Skype.

Major Areas of Support at the Writing Center:

  • Getting Started: Understanding assignments, brainstorming ideas, asking strong questions, and outlining key points. Resources and More Information
  • Structuring Your Writing: Developing a thesis statement or focus, organizing your supporting points, and framing paragraphs or sections. Resources and More Information
  • Revising and Polishing: Being clear and concise, tweaking your flow and focus, attending to voice and audience, and using strong editing techniques. Resources and More Information
  • Integrating Sources: Supporting your assertions, introducing quotations, paraphrasing material, and formatting references. Resources and More Information
  • Developing Presentations: Composing, organizing, and formatting your Power Point slides or Prezi layout. Resources and More Information
  • Writing Strong Career Documents: Composing your resume, cover letter, or CV for a job or internship. Resources and More Information

Antioch University New England Writing Center

Looking for Something Else?

If you don’t see the help you are looking for above, don’t be deterred! If you come to Writing Center we’ll do our best to help with whatever you need! There are also several other places to get the support you may be looking for:

Research Assistance:
For any and all research assistance, including search techniques and strategies for all user levels, selecting a searchable topic, or help with citation management, please contact your librarian, Rachel Sperling. You can reach her by email and by phone at 603-283-2404, or just stop by the library; her usual hours are 9-5 on weekdays and by appointment at other times.

The Virtual Writing Center:
The VWC is a free service available to all Antioch University students. If you don’t have time to make a face-to-face appointment or you’d prefer to get feedback in written form, you can submit your paper to the VWC tutors and get a response within 48 hours. To access the VWC, go to and follow the instructions for submitting your writing.

Grant and Proposal Writing:
AUNE Grants Office Director Don Woodhouse is available to meet with faculty, students, and staff regarding proposal writing and the grants process.  He encourages appointments early in the process, and he can provide limited feedback on drafts as well. For more information, visit the Grants Office web page or contact Don by email.

Student Disability Services:
If you are struggling with writing due to a disability, you should know that Antioch University provides reasonable accommodations to ensure the accessible participation of qualified individuals with disabilities in its classes, programs, facilities, and events. A reasonable accommodation is a modification or adjustment to instructional methods and/or a course, program, service, activity, or facility that gives a qualified student with a disability equal access to the learning, benefits and privileges available to a similarly-situated student without a disability. A few examples of reasonable accommodations might be course materials in alternate format, advance receipt of syllabus, reading lists, or extended time to complete course assignments and/or tests. For more information, please visit the SDS Web Page and contact Fran Ziperstein, Director of Student Disability Services, by email.

If you have questions about the Writing Center, check out our FAQ page. You can also can contact the Writing Center Coordinator, John Dunham, by email (faster response) or leave a message at 603-283-2414.