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evenings or weekends
evenings or weekends
The AUNE Writing Center mission is to help students become better writers, thinkers, and learners.

Peer Tutors provide support to AUNE students on all aspects of the writing process, on the development of presentations, and on resumes, cover letters, and CVs. Most appointments are face-to-face in the AUNE Writing Center, but tutors are also available for Skype and phone sessions. They work with students on everything from brainstorming and outlining, to organizing and structuring work, to revising material and citing sources, and much more. Peer Tutors listen, ask questions, and share reactions. Rather than grading, “fixing,” or proofreading student papers, they aim to help students become better writers overall.

Peer tutors are familiar with resources available both in the Library and online, and they refer students to these as needed. Peer Tutors also report on sessions, conduct group reflection and evaluation, and participate in biweekly feedback and professional development meetings to improve their own practice and that of the Writing Center as a whole. They may also help facilitate writing events or workshops. During scheduled Writing Center hours when there are no appointments, Peer Tutors write brief reports, keep the office tidy, present a friendly and inviting space to any drop-ins, and work on related projects as needed by the coordinator.
Excellent writing skills; outstanding interpersonal skills; patience, sensitivity, and a willingness to collaborate; commitment to the AUNE Writing Center mission; a process-oriented approach to peer feedback; punctuality and reliability; and strong ability to analyze, prioritize, listen, and maintain confidentiality. Peer tutors must be able to function with independence and resourcefulness in all aspects of their work.

Prior tutoring experience, academic consultation, or peer support work is preferred, but not required. Strong presentation and resume-writing skills are a significant plus. Most importantly, we seek individuals who are reflective and collaborative, able to accept and utilize feedback, and eager to grow and develop their own skills.