TA - Math Methods

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Paula Denton
Krishni Pahl
Attend selected classes in Math Methods (fall and spring semesters) in order to learn about student needs and possibly facilitate some student activities. Provide tutoring in foundational mathematics content and skills to those students who need this support in order to be well prepared to meet course requirements and teach elementary mathematics. This person may also provide tutoring to students who wish help in preparing for the mathematics portion of the Praxis II for elementary certification. Much of the work will occur outside of class hours as arranged with individuals or small groups of students.
1. Strong knowledge and enjoyment of essential concepts and skills in elementary mathematics in the five content areas of number and operations with whole numbers, decimals and fractions, geometry, pre-algebra, data and probability, and measurement.
2. Ability to work with students in a hands on, exploratory way that builds confidence and enjoyment of mathematics as well as content knowledge.
3. Some experience and/or past coursework in problem-solving, student-centered approaches to learning mathematics is preferred.