Research Asst - Adaptation Empirical Research

Environmental Studies
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Michael Simpson

Adaptation Empirical Research:

One of these two positions will be; is to assist the faculty member in conducting empirical research on how communities in northern New England has formally instituted adaptive responses to the multiple impacts that are being experience from a greater frequency of historically extreme weather events. This will involve understanding what communities normal process of responding to emergency response (state and fed initiatives and how they have utilized this opportunity to increase community resilience.

The second of these two positions will b: to look at the activities of citizen and NGO initiatives such as the Upper Valley and/or Coastal Adaptation Working Groups in NH
Demonstrated skills to be consider: 1) self- initiative and ability to work independently a must 2) good phone and interview skills 3) ability to meet with municipal officials to expand on information gathered from initial phone contacts 4) ability to write up results with clarity.

There will be bi-weekly meetings with the faculty with an update documented sent before that meeting of contacts made and information learned prior to that meeting and from the student's perspective topics that need to be discussed.