Research Assistant: Climate Change Adaptation and Preparedness

Environmental Studies
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Jim Gruber
The focus of work under this research assistant position is to research and assemble materials in preparation for the May 2014 AUNE Conference on Climate Change Preparedness: Local Solutions and to support current research being conducted in the ES Department by James Gruber and others relating to climate change adaptation.

Focus of work include:

• Building community resilience with a specific focus on re-building for flood resilience
o Develop models for communicating flood resilience to local property owners
o Research background information on the structural mitigation required by FEMA for reconstructing damaged buildings after Irene and Sandy
o Develop materials to present FEMA regulations for rebuilding to municipal officials and property owners
• Provide best examples of local-level adaptation and mitigation by researching international models
• Present ideas for flood-proofing historic buildings vulnerable to future flooding from a day-long charette event for architects, engineers, landscape architects, planners, historic preservation and municipal officials, historical societies, and interested community members.
The research assistant will work with faculty and local partners including
• Excellent written communication
• Experience in conducting research
• Experience with FEMA processes and regulations
• Experience in event planning and facilitation