CTEC Information Coordinator

Environmental Studies
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Beth Kaplin
Jean Kayira
The Information Coordinator maintains oversight of the informational material we present on our websites, including publishing of research reports from student and faculty work. The Information coordinator has oversight of the fundraising activities for CTEC, including the coffee and tea sales that support student scholarships and any other fundraising activities that might be proposed; this Coordinator also has oversight of the Fundraising committee, helping to ensure it is active with student involvement and stays on track. The Information Coordinator will also support the Program Manager in all activities for CTEC; this may include liaising with the student body about CTEC activities including member meetings and brown bags, ensuring all CTEC activities are well advertised and attended, organizing and supporting standing committees and encouraging student participation in Center activities, and making sure information flows among CTEC staff, and between CTEC, the student body, and the AUNE community. The Information Coordinator will assist with production of the bi-annual newsletter, and will continuously monitor and update webpage content. This includes making sure that awards, publications, and other achievements by CTEC members are announced in appropriate venues on the AUNE and ES Department webpages, and motivating students to get involved with CTEC, volunteer and get their information on the webpages.
Knowledge of and ease with computers, great communication and interpersonal skills, outgoing, great organizational skills, ability to network and seek out resources, writing and editing skills, and the ability to work independently are required. Ability to motivate students to get involved with CTEC as a member is preferable.