CTEC Development Coordinator

Environmental Studies
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Beth Kaplin
Sue Weller, Jean Kayira
The Development Coordinator is responsible for managing and coordinating the fundraising activities for CTEC, including the organic, fair trade coffee and tea sales that support student scholarships, as well as other fundraising activities that support the CTEC mission. This may include dinner events, silent auctions, movies, dances, etc. The Development Coordinator will have oversight of the Fundraising committee, and will ensure it is active with student involvement and stays on track. The Development Coordinator will help support CTEC’s financial well-being by seeking funding and donor sources, and writing grant proposals. The development officer may host or attend events in order to seek funding sources. The individual in this position must be able to convey the goals of CTEC while explaining how a donor's contribution can help further our mission. The Development Coordinator will be responsible for meeting with students and other members of the AUNE community to best determine how to serve their needs. The Development Coordinator will be responsible for tracking grants and donations for CTEC.
Knowledge of and ease with computers, great communication and interpersonal skills, excellent writing skills, outgoing, great organizational skills, ability to network and seek out resources, and the ability to work independently required. Ability to motivate students to get involved with CTEC as a member is preferable.