CTEC Information Coordinator

Environmental Studies
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Beth Kaplin
Sue Weller
The Information Coordinator assists with the daily functioning of the Center for Tropical Ecology and Conservation and will work closely with the Program Manager to accomplish this: oversight of fundraising activities, including the coffee and tea sales that support student scholarships, assisting with liaising with the student body about CTEC activities including member meetings and brown bags, organizing and supporting standing committees and encouraging student participation in Center activities, and making sure information flows among CTEC staff, and between CTEC, the student body, and the AUNE community. The Information Coordinator will head up production of the bi-annual newsletter, and will continuously monitor and update webpage content. This includes making sure that awards, publications, and other achievements by CTEC members is announced in appropriate venues.
Excellent communication skills, self motivated, independent individual who is interesting in joining the dynamic staff of CTEC. Should have excellent computer skills, and writing and editing skills.