CTEC Project Coordinator

Environmental Studies
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Beth Kaplin
Sue Weller
The Project Coordinator for the Center for Tropical Ecology & Conservation (CTEC) will manage specific projects for CTEC that connect us to the student body and our external contacts and help us meet our mission. Current projects for the 2012-2013 academic year include 1) development of a tropical ecology and conservation Certificate; 2)explore proposal to initiate a board for CTEC; lead a strategic planning process for CTEC to identify funding sources and focal activities for the next 3-5 years. The Project Coordinator will also assist with 1) the annual symposium development which is headed up by the Education Coordinator, 2) with the bi-annual newsletter, and 3) with fundraising activities for the Center including proposal writing as needed. Assisting in fund raising for the symposium and marketing are also components of the Coordinator position. The Coordinator would also play an active role on the day of the symposium.
Applicant must have excellent organization and communication skills, be outgoing and self confident, and possess the ability to work independently. The applicant should have good writing skills and be creative.