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Environmental Studies
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Lisabeth Willey
Mike Jones
I seek a teaching assistant for Conservation Biology, a foundation course in the master's Conservation Biology concentration, who has previous experience with a graduate-level conservation science course, and who has strong analytical skills. The TA will be managing the quantitative labs for this course, and will be given some autonomy to develop labs that fit with the course goals and the TA's expertise and abilities. Materials from previous labs will be available to use. The TA is expected to attend the course lectures each week and to be available to discuss with students if needed. This position offers the selected TA the opportunity to gain teaching experience, since they will take the lead on teaching a set of lab sessions during the course of the semester, including development of labs, the evaluation scheme, and direct interaction with the students in the class.
The TA should have strong quantitative and analytic skills, and some familiarity or at least comfort level with computer modeling. The TA also should have some prior experience with a graduate-level conservation science course. Important skills for this position include confidence, ability to work independently, possess an understanding of evaluation schemes for the student lab work, and ability to manage the class with self-confidence and ease.