Albertine Rift Project Coordinator

Environmental Studies
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Beth Kaplin
Sue Weller
I am seeking a self-motivate and creative student to coordinate capacity building, research and networking activities within the Albertine Rift ecoregion. The Coordinator will work closely with me and Project colleagues in the Albertine Rift to meet the goals and objectives for conservation, research, networking and capacity building in the Albertine Rift under a multiple year project. The Coordinator will work closely with the Regional Network for Conservation Educators in the Albertine Rift (RNCEAR) to help meet project objectives for this Network. The Coordinator will follow up on capacity building activities within the Network and will collaborate on project evaluation activities. The Coordinator will also assist in aspects of research project design and data analysis for my ongoing collaborative research projects in the AR region. I am seeking a coordinator who has creativity, vision and initiative in order to help us meet our project objectives.
The Coordinator should possess the following: 1) Understanding of and interest in capacity building and conservation in Africa 2) Skills in Project evaluation 3) Ability to work independently, take initiative, and think creatively 4) Good communication skills 5) Comfortable with using the internet, web page design, and excellent written and networking skills and 6)skills in data analysis and interpretation. Should be comfortable using social media.