Financial Aid: Student Employment/Work Study

Student employment is available on campus. Students who meet the application deadline and have the highest financial need will be offered a specific amount of estimated Federal Work Study on their initial award letters for the year. Job openings and further information are posted in the financial services area.

Department Job Title Hours / Week Supervisor
Clinical Psychology Teaching Assistant / Roysircar-Sodowsky - Human Diversity 4 Gargi Roysircar-Sodowsky, EdD
Clinical Psychology Research Assistant / Hawes 4 Susan Hawes
Clinical Psychology Research Assistant / Borden - editorial review 4 Kathi Borden, PhD
Clinical Psychology Research Assistant / Tremblay 8 George Tremblay, PhD
Continuing Education & Community Outreach Nature Preserve Assistant 10-15 Paul Bocko
Environmental Studies Summit Steward 15 Peter Palmiotto
Environmental Studies Education Coordinator - CTEC 10-15 Beth Kaplin
Environmental Studies proj asst - data management - MERE 15 Peter Palmiotto
Environmental Studies RA - ES PhD & RMC programs 10-16 Jim Gruber
Management Student Asst - prog development 5 Taryn Fisher
Marketing Project Asst - Online Marketing 10-15 David Weisberg
Whole Terrain Whole Terrain Special Projects Assistant 15-20 Rowland Russell