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Whole Terrain - Net WorksAs environmental practitioners we cast nets to sample nature, to gather knowledge, to provoke action. Ornithologists use mist nets to capture birds for banding, advocates and organizers use social networks to foment governmental and public action, and vast amounts of data are gathered from different disciplines to construct climate change models. What do we hope will be the end result of our collective net work, as we seek both the tangible and the ineffable? Volume 19 of Whole Terrain offers creative interpretations of the theme Net Works that encompass the full range and scope of environmental practice.

Editor’s Note


  • A Complex of Occasions
    Susan Pollack
  • Practicing with Indra’s Net
    Stephanie Kaza
  • The Cooler Blog
    Deb Habib & Ricky Baruc
  • A Tree Falls in the Forest
    Laird Christensen
  • The Worth of a Mountain
    Gregory McNamee
  • A Speculative Future: The Landscape Architecture of Attic Office
    Kathryn Foley & Colleen Tuite
  • Twenty-First Century Cetology
    Philip Hoare
  • I Want To Save This Whale
    Lisa Olstein
  • Net Work Life
    Rich Grogan
  • On the Way to Catoctin
    Luc Phinney
  • Between the Lines
    Kristen Przyborski
  • The Neutral Ground
    Austin Feldbaum
  • Coda
    Jaswinder Bolina

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