2005-06: Celebration and Ceremony

Volume 14: 2005-2006

Celebration and ceremony renew the human spirit, and remind us of our connectedness to the divine, to the earth, and to one another. Contributors to this issue of Whole Terrain explore the very nature of these fundamental human practices, and reflect on how celebration and ceremony shape our lives and our work.



  • Toward a Real Earth Day
    Janisse Ray
  • Laid Bare
    Christopher Sciarretta
  • Communion: A Complaint
    Sheryl St. Germain
  • The Most Ecstatic Thing: An Interview w/ Margot Adler
    Brett Amy Thelen
  • A Lightbulb Instead of the Sun
    Maryann Ullmann
  • A People of Stardust and Torah
    Lisa Greber
  • Offering
    Robin Kimmerer
  • Crane Dance
    Patricia Monaghan
  • Enter on Duty
    Ron Steffens

  • Ocotillo Awakening
    Tom Wessels
  • To Celebrate the Vernal Equinox
    Janisse Ray

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