Readers’ Comments & Press Reviews

From our readers:

I love Whole Terrain.Casey Walker, Wild Duck Review

  • Whole Terrain really is exceptional, and I hope more readers discover your great work. Jeff Lee, Stonecrop Natural History Catalog
  • The ’98-’99 edition sounds like good nourishment for my soul.David Boothby
  • Thank you so much for your invitation to contribute something to Whole Terrain, and for the copies of the magazine, which is quite a wonderful journal.Stephanie Mills, environmental writer
  • Reflective environmental practice. Excellent theme. When we reflect on our practice we perhaps can gain clarity concerning our intent. Intent is extremely important in our practice.Bill Devall, deep ecologist
  • The prose and poetry in Whole Terrain give something rarely found today, thoughtful and evocative reflections on living in respectful and attentive relations with the land.Lorne Peterson, writer/photographer

From the press:

Whole Terrain is a welcome addition to the growing bookshelf of publications on the environment.The Utne Reader

  • Reprints of Whole Terrain articles and essays have appeared in Utne Reader, Green Living, Earth Island Journal, and Earthwork, by permission of Whole Terrain.
  • Finalist in Utne Reader’s 8th Annual Alternative Press Awards, General Excellence Category
  • For more than 10 years, Whole Terrain has informed, enlightened, and inspired its readers with its refreshing explorations of ecology and social issues. Treating themes that range from ‘serious play’ to ‘creative collaboration,’ the journal is a trusted companion for activists of all stripes. Utne Reader (May-June 2004 issue)
  • A dignified and beautifully written publication…juicy, tough-minded, and sophisticated. Subscribe to this journal. It will feed you.The Electronic Green Journal
  • It’s thought-provoking reading.Green Living
  • There is plenty of good information available on environmental careers, at least for people who want the facts delivered dispassionately. But, for those who treasure the passion (yet want thoughtful perspective), Whole Terrain is one of the most refreshing…The journal grapples with the realities of work-for-the-earth and work-for-a-living, through first-person accounts, poetry, and think-pieces of consistent quality. It brings hard questions of ethics and strategy to the surface in a manner that empowers readers to take their own answers seriously.Melissa Everett, Electronic Green Journal
  • Many [environmental publications] are the outreach efforts of high-profile environmental organizations…But what about the folks in the environmental trenches, the people who choose to work on behalf of the environment in fields like education, resource management, science, advocacy, administration, and communications? Whole Terrain is their magazine. Their complex professional, personal, and ethical concerns are fodder for the annual publication, which is dedicated to the people who work to find solutions to environmental problems. Camille LeFevre, Utne Reader
  • The [Whole Terrain] editor quotes Aldo Leopold: One of the penalties of an ecological education is that one lives alone in a world of wounds. While the loneliness may have diminished some, the world’s wounds are much in evidence, at times overwhelming. The gift of this journal is its connection to kindred spirits who work on in the face of these wounds. I think environmental professionals and amateurs alike will find material to provoke thought and link themselves to Whole Terrain. Sandy Stott, Appalachia