The Wheelock School Project

The Horatio Colony House was built in 1806, therefore, we celebrated the houses’ 200th anniversary in 2006. To give an overview of the time period of when the house was built, the museum sought the help of three grades from Wheelock Elementary School in Keene and one of their teachers, Cathy Harvey. We hoped to have drawings that would illustrate what life was like in 1806 beginning with the town of Keene (working with the third grade); what was happening in the State of New Hampshire (working with the 4th grade); and what was going on in the United States in 1806 (working with the 5th grade).

The students came up with the idea of creating three quilts to illustrate the time period in the different areas. They first did research, then set to work designing their quilts. The project involved history, math and art. Three large, beautiful quilt panels were produced with illustrations that represented Thomas Jefferson, Lewis & Clark, Abenaqui’s who were the native tribe that inhabited New Hampshire at the time, the state’s governor, John Wentworth, a representation of an early map of Keene and more. The quilts were the focal point of the exhibit on 1806, which was viewed by 2,195 visitors over the summer and fall season and everyone was extremely impressed. When the exhibit closed, the quilt went back to Wheelock School where it hangs permanently as a teaching tool for future students.