Upward Bound Program

Thanks to a unique partnership between Antioch New England Institute (ANEI) and Keene State College’s Upward Bound program, high school students worked on projects to help with the stewardship of the Horatio Colony Nature Preserve. As part of the Upward Bound curriculum, students volunteer throughout the city and on the KSC campus each summer. This year, Horatio Colony Nature preserve worked with 4 of the 72 students and the Horatio Colony Museum had 1student volunteer. The students hailed from Keene High School and Green Mountain in Chester, VT. According to Beth Zinn, Assistant Director of Upward Bound and an AUNE graduate, The purpose is to show students the importance of giving back to one’s community as well as potentially spark interests for future careers that require a college degree.
The Upward Bound program prepares high school students for academic success in high school, as well as providing academic, counseling, social, and recreational activities designed to build the academic skills, motivation, and self-confidence necessary for success in college.

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