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First-time students can try out one of a variety of master’s level courses in Education, Environmental Studies, Psychology, or Management at Antioch University New England (AUNE). As a non-matriculated student, you’ll pay a reduced cost of only $1,000 for one 3-credit course.

Credits may be transferable into a master’s program at AUNE or other institutions.

Questions? Call the Office of Admissions, 603-283-2130.

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Spring 2015 offerings include:

Environmental Studies
ESE 517 Urban Environmental Education ES 508 Conservation Psychology
ESC 601 Political Econ & Sustainability ESPE 570 Environmental Assessment Tech Watershed Management
ESPE 560 Energy & Materials Sustainability ESE 544 Curriculum Design
ESE 535 Conceptual and Human Development ES 590 Communications in the Digital Age
Teacher Education
EDR 632 Assessment in PBL Classroom EDP  560 Business Planning for Nature Preschools and Forest Kindergartens
EDT 532 Conceptual Development A EDC 532 Conceptual Development B
EDC 505 Discipline as Learning EDC 648 Early Childhood Ed Pre-K 3rd
EDC 562 Integrated Math/Science Maps EDP 662 Integrating the 3 E’s
EDR 610 Leading w/Data School Profile EDC 563 Math Methods Elementary
EDT 622 Mindfulness Practices For Educators EDC 638 Place-Based Theater
EDC 555 Reading/Literacy-Elementary EDP 598 School Law
EDP 590 Teaching Exceptional Children EDT 547 Tech Tools for All Learners
EDP 558 Working with Parents & Communities EDT 561 Creative Bookbinding
MNM 500 Developing People & Performance
Applied Psychology
PYI 522 Career & Lifestyle Counseling PYI 549 Classic Autism-Advanced Assessment
PYI 544 EducationalI Interventions ASDI PYB 526 Human Development-Lifespan & Systems A
PYB 526 Human Development-Lifespan & Systems B PYI 545 Pragmatic Language Groups
PYI 537 Work with Teens/Adults ASD

This significant discount may only be applied one time. Matriculated students pay a different tuition.

Questions? Call the Office of Admissions, 603-283-2130.

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