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First-time students can try out one of a variety of master’s level courses in Education, Environmental Studies, Psychology, or Management at Antioch University New England (AUNE). As a non-matriculated student, you’ll pay a reduced cost of only $1,000 for one 3-credit course.

Credits may be transferable into a master’s program at AUNE or other institutions.

Questions? Call the Office of Admissions, 603-283-2130.

Fall 2014 offerings include:

Environmental Studies
ES 515A Community Organizing and Social Movements ESF 514A New England Flora
ES 524A Proposal Writing and Project Management ESM 516A Building Sustainable Organizations
ESC 544B or ESC 544D Leadership for Change ESC 550A or ESC 550D Community Ecology of the New England Landscape
ESE 506A Environmental Education Methods — Program Evaluation ESP 605A Citizen Participation and Sustainable Communities
ESE 548A Advanced Topics: The Built Environment ESPE 595A Land Use and Community Planning
ESC 572A or ESC 572D Earth Systems and Climate Change  ESE 521A  Problem-solving and Inquiry-based Science Teaching
Teacher Education
EDC 502 Leading Inclusion: Building Bridges EDC 576 Connecting Communities, Paul Bocko
EDC 503 Natural History for Early Childhood EDC 587 New England Mammals
EDC 549 Place Based Education EDC 684 Moving to Learn, Learning to Move
EDC 556A Music Every Day EDC 688 Instructional Design (online)
EDC 567 Practicum: CFG Coaching 1 EDC 673 Special Education Asessment
EDC 659 Living and Healing Arts EDNC
Waldorf Middle School Drawings
EDC 665 Movement and Storytelling Pre-K Classroom EDL
School Finance and Facilities
EDC 571 Classroom Drawing EDT
Landscape Analysis and Design for Nature Play and Learning
MNFE 502 Managerial & Financial Accounting MNG 545 Teamwork and Diversity
No classes are being offered in the Applied Psychology or Clinical Psychology this Fall, 2014,

This significant discount may only be applied one time. Matriculated students pay a different tuition.

Questions? Call the Office of Admissions, 603-283-2130.

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