Hiking and Trail Maintenance

Group Moving a Boulder
The Preserve’s 3.5 miles of hiking trails lead visitors through 614 acres of diverse plant communities, wetlands, rock outcroppings, historic foundations and stone walls. The Red Diamond, Ridgeline, and Slickenside Trails are part of a nature trail including 21 signposts marking points of interest ; see Preserve map.  Trails are open to the public every day for foot traffic only from dawn to dusk.  Hunting, mountain biking, camping, fires, and motor vehicles are prohibited.  Nature study, hiking, photography, snowshoeing, and cross country skiing are encouraged.

The primary parking lot maintenance tasks are preventing erosion and picking up litter.  The cabin, education displays, and foundation are monitored and repaired regularly.  Signs and numbered posts are consistently checked and restored as needed.  Trail work activities are water bar construction, blow-down and brush clearing, trail marking, and bridge construction.  The Project Director and Antioch graduate students follow trail maintenance strategies adopted by the Green Mountain Club and the Appalachian Trail Conference.

Trail Distances

  • Red Diamond Trail ; 1.1 miles (loop)
  • Ridgeline Trail ; 1.7 miles (including loop to Black Lead Mine)
  • Slickenside Trail – .7 mile
Topography and trails map (click for larger image)