The Edward J. Tomey Center for Organization Development

Philosophy & Mission

The Tomey Center supports the development of vibrant, successful, sustainable organizations in nonprofit, public, and for-profit sectors. Our aim is to support organizations so they can consistently:

  • Fulfill their mission and vision;
  • Provide outstanding service to customers or consumers;
  • Achieve sustainable growth with respectable financial return;
  • Maintain a work culture in which employees thrive;
  • Act as responsible community citizens.

Our Services

Emphasizing collaboration, mutual learning, and results, the Tomey Center’s consortium of consultants, educators, and researchers work in partnership with clients to create custom-designed approaches to meet client needs. Services include:

I see the Center as a source of encouragement for people in organizations to create long-term visions of success and then help them to apply wisdom and skill to achieve those visions.

Edward J. Tomey
Faculty Emeritus

  • Improving organization culture, processes, and practices
  • Leadership Development, Management Training, and Staff Development
  • Group Facilitation, Team Development, and Conflict Resolution
  • Organizational and Applied Social Research
  • Coaching for Professional Effectiveness
  • Project and Program Evaluation
  • Strategic and Business Planning