Vernal pool survey of 1,000 acres on the island of Nashawena, Massachusetts

Crowell-Murray, Maggie
Department of Environmental Studies
This study involved the survey of temporary pools located on the eastern half of the island of Nashawena, an area of approximately 1,000 acres. The study began May 15, 1996 and was completed on May 22, 1996. Vernal pools were defined using the criteria set forth by the Massachusetts Natural heritage and Endangered Species Program. The purpose of this study was to collect baseline vernal pool data; specifically pool location, size and species composition. Fifty three pools were mapped and surveyed. The large number of temporary pools was attributed to the glaciated topography of the island and above normal precipitation values. Six pools were not included in the study because the data was incomplete. Twenty eight pools were certifiable as vernal pools. Eleven pools were not certifiable primarily because of salt water inundation. Eight pools were noted as questionable and need to be studied further. Geographical isolation accounted for both low vernal pool species diversity and high individual species numbers.

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