Trilha Apecatu :a walking guide through the Atlantic coastal rain forest ecosystem

Ross, Judith A.
Ty Minton
Department of Environmental Studies
Between February and May 1991, a two (2) kilometer trail was set up with thirteen (13) stations along it, within a 600 hectare portion of the remaining Atlantic coastal rain forest. The privately owned tract occurs in the northeast of the state of Santa Catarina, Brazil, between the Serra do Mar mountain range and the Atlantic Ocean. Stations were selected and established that would illustrate important concepts of the Atlantic coastal rain forest ecosystem. The trail was set up in a preliminary effort to establish a biological research center at the Volta Velha Reserve (VVC). The VVC represents constructive cooperation between and American educational institution - Antioch New England Graduate School in Keene, N.H. - and a private Brazilian land owner. The trail provides access to the forest interior for educational and research purposes. It is anticipated that this effort will contribute significantly to our understanding and appreciation of the severely endangered forest ecosystem.

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