The preservation of a botanical wonder :a field guide to the useful plants of a community rainforest

Scaralia, M. Gianna
Sy Montgomery
Department of Environmental Studies
Formal botanical divisions within the plant kingdom are usually based on each plant's method of reproduction. This book, however, is divided into six sections according to plant shape and, in the case of trees, size. This method of grouping provides easy identification for the reader who may not have extensive botanical knowledge. The sections are as follows: Small Trees, Medium Trees, Medium to Large Trees, Shrubs and Herbaceous Plants, Vines, and Palms. Within each section the entries are arranged alphabetically by their Belizean common name, which is highlighted in bold type face and capital letters. Next to the common name is the scientific name, and to the right of that is the family to which the plant belongs. Following each name is a general description of the plant. Traditional uses describe the ways local people commonly use the plant - as food, medicine or in crafts. This information was gleaned from interviews with local residents of the Community Baboon Sanctuary as well as traditional healers, ethnobotanists, and books and articles on traditional uses of rainforest plants.

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