The Characterization of Hazardous Waste Sites for In-Situ Remediation

Iorio, P
Joy Ackerman, PhD
Department of Environmental Studies
A thorough characterization of the impacted subsurficial environment and the invading contamination complex is necessary to effectively determine the extent of contamination from a chemical spill or release. Once characterization has been achieved, an appropriate remediation action plan can be selected. The subsurface environment may be impacted by a variety of sources including leaking underground storage tanks, building floor drains, catch basins, graveyards, municipal salt spreading, and numerous other sources. By understanding the individual and interactive forces of these mechanisms, a response plan can be implemented to monitor (i.e. sample and analyze) the contaminated soil and groundwater matrix. Following the collection of data from this characterization, an appropriate in-situ technology may be chosen for site remediation.