The business plan for the association of solid waste facility managers

Patrick, Pinkson-Burke
Michael Simpson, MS
Department of Environmental Studies
The Association of Solid Waste Facility Managers is an organization dedicated to the technical advancement of operators, managers, directors and supervisors of non-profit solid waste organizations in New Hampshire and Vermont. The Association grew from a small, but dedicated group of individuals who met informally in order to discuss common problems in operating non-profit solid waste facilities. The Association has met formally for the past six months and its membership has grown from the original three members to more than twenty. The purpose of the Association is to share technical information through its newsletter, regular meetings, and through the membership itself. Initially, membership shall be restricted to non-profit solid waste organizations in both Vermont and New Hampshire. The management tasks will be controlled by the Executive members of the board of directors. The will allow the Association to operate with a very small budget. In the future, if the membership desires, the Association could be expanded to include the other New England states. The financial needs of the Association will be kept simple and austere during the start-up phase. As the membership grows, so will the monetary base which will allow for the services of a professional business agency.

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