Spatial analysis of home range, movement patterns, and behavioral ecology of Bicknell's thrush, catharus bicknelli, in Vermont

Collins, Brendan Bradley
Jon Atwood, PhD
Department of Environmental Studies
Baseline studies in avian behavioral ecology may present one of the best ways to assess Bicknell's Thrush's (Catharus bicknelli) ability to respond to wide spread changes in its environment. A combination of chronic air-borne pollutants, habitat fragmentation from human development, and impending global climate change threaten this rare and range restricted species. The aim of this thesis is to spatially analyze the Bicknell's Thrush's adult home range, movements and behavioral ecology on two mountain sites in Vermont, USA. Home range location, size, and configuration were analyzed for both the breeding and post breeding period. I report significant differences in male and female breeding home range size, and discuss preliminary finding on post breeding movements. Thee analyses further document the Bicknell's Thrush's unique mating strategy, and provide insights into its ecological requirements during the post breeding period.