Selected issues in wetlands project review :pollution discharges to wetlands, lake/pond management and restoration

Mackin, Kerry
Alexandra Dawson
Department of Environmental Studies
This paper draws upon the experiences of a conservation commission in administering the Massachusetts Wetlands Protection Act. Several case studies are presented to offer an opportunity to determine and address specific information needs of conservation commissions, as well as the look at their training needs and overall performance in administering the Act. The main sections of the paper report on two major issues: 1) discharges of polluted water to wetlands; and 2) lake/pond management and restoration. Each issue is presented as follows: 1) brief case histories; 2) review of technical and regulatory information pertinent to the issue; and 3) recommendations for conservation commission review. The paper concludes with a hindsight view of the cases, to make observations about how they were handled, and make suggestions about how the administration of the wetlands protection program in Massachusetts can be improved.

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