Seasonal variations in the delineations of bordering vegetated wetlands

Lattrell, William A.
Department of Environmental Studies
This study of potential seasonal variations in the delineations of bordering vegetational wetlands took place over a one year period, June 1988 - May 1989. Five separate locations were selected for the study in the towns of Amherst, Massachusetts, and Hadley, Massachusetts. The areas chosen for their variety in plant composition, soils, and hydrology. During this one year period, over 600 pages of data were collected measuring the percentage of wetland species in fifteen different sectors spread out over the five areas of study. The Michener Site Index was the chosen quantitative technique. It proved to be invaluable as a tool that could be adapted simply to a project of this scope. It is recognized that some subjective judgment is required in regards to abundance with this technique. However, the chosen technique does give the study a high degree of replicability. This study represents only preliminary results based upon a one year period. This study did show a high correlation between bordering vegetated wetland, boundary delineations and seasonal changes. These changes demonstrated an association with wetland soils, species composition, weather, hydrology, and topographical relief.

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