Retired Member Retention through the Creation of Emeritus Membership: Evaluation of the Association of Nature Center Administrators

Andrea Wilkins
Department of Environmental Studies
This report outlines a front-end evaluation for the creation of an emeritus membership category within the Association of Nature Center Administrators (ANCA). Support, compensation and flexibility were identified as the key characteristics for successful retired member retention in preliminary research. The purpose of this evaluation was to assess the needs, interests, motivations and concerns of retired members in order to formulate an emeritus membership category that fulfills the needs of the members while helping ANCA continue its success. Ten interviews of current retired or retiring members were conducted and assessed based on current membership, vision for retirement, and motivations to continue membership as well as listing concerns and limitations for the new membership category. These were compiled in average number of responses for each idea to form pie charts showing the results for each question. Data showed that an emeritus membership needs to be people-oriented, and enjoyable with flexible and meaningful tasks, services and roles helping ANCA and the profession to succeed in the future. Emeritus members will need to be integrated with emerging professionals and leaders as part of services and initiatives that speak to the incredible amount of experience and talent in the membership pool. In going forward, ANCA will need to carefully identify available resources for this program and specific indicators that will identify this project's successes. Implementation of this membership should be slowly introduced, with many venues to add input