Prospect Hill Stewardship Plan

Serech, Derek
Department of Environmental Studies
In October 2007, the Town of Hancock Conservation Commission acquired a 193 acre parcel near the center of Hancock; simultaneously, the Town granted to New Hampshire Fish & Game a conservation easement which required the Town to prepare and present a stewardship plan prior to conducting any management activities on the tract (Town of Hancock, NH, 2007). This plan seeks to fulfill that requirement. The tract presents unusual opportunities for conservation, due to its immediate contiguity to other conservation land (Carpenter's Marsh, Kulish Forest, and Welch Farm Forest); its position with respect to Moose Brook and Carpenter's Marsh; its location within a much larger unfragmented block of forest land now including roughly 40,000 acres of nearly contiguous conserved land running from Marlow to Peterborough; and the rich wildlife habitat identified in NH Fish & Game's Wildlife Action Plan (NHFG, 2005).