Population, consumption and the environment: a survey of college students' attitudes

Buckingham, Jennie A.
Alexandra Dawson
Department of Environmental Studies
This research project involves a survey of attitudes toward three main topics: population (and over-population), consumption (and over-consumption), and the environment. The survey was administered to a group of college students at the University of New Hampshire.The purpose of administering the survey was to learn more about how college students feel and what they think about several critical global issues. In asking students how they feel and what they think about these issues, I was hoping to gain a greater understanding of the priority these issues are given by students and the willingness students have to help solve some of the problematic areas facing the world!their world!our world.The survey was administered in the fall of 1994 to 428 students enrolled in a course entitled Contemporary Conservation Issues. The thousand of bits of information collected via the survey were data-entered and analyzed, and those data are presented here in this report documenting the project entitled Population, Consumption, and the Environment: A Survey of College Students' Attitudes.

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