Pike Hill Mine, Corinth, Vermont :a study of the geology, history, and environmental impacts

McKenney, Kate
Tom Wessels, MA
Department of Environmental Studies
Pike Hill Mine is a copper mining waste site located in central Vermont located in Corinth, Orange County, Vermont. The geology of the site is representative of massive sulfide deposits that can be found throughout this region. The mine operated sporadically between the early 19th century and early 20th. Few remnants remain of this rich history except for tailings piles located at the on Pike Hill and the surrounding area. The site impacts the surrounding watersheds and ecosystems due to acid mine drainage and heavy metal leaching. In July of 2004 the site was recommended and accepted for Superfund remediation. This thesis examines the geology, history, environmental impacts, and alternative remediation strategies which may be appropriate for the natural and communities of Corinth, Vermont.

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