Natural Resource Inventory of the 
Wolcott Family Natural Area, Colchester, VT

Laurence Clarfeld
Department of Environmental Studies
On September 18, 2012, about 25 hectares of forest and wetland were donated to the Winooski Valley Park District (WVPD) to become a new public park, called Wolcott Family Natural Area (WFNA). While this park will soon be used by hundreds of people each year for passive recreation, little is known about the park's flora and fauna. In order to inform trail placement and park management, I conducted a natural resource inventory of WFNA in order to map cover types and natural communities, locate rare or sensitive species, and interpret past land use history. In conjunction with these goals, it is my hope that this inventory will inform ways in which WFNA can be used by environmental educators, including areas for further study.