Investigation of stream gradient relationship to abundance of stream-dwelling salamander populations in the US Forest Service Experimental Forest in Bartlett, New Hampshire

Campbell, Bob
Tom Wessels, MA
Department of Environmental Studies
Over the past fifty years, the Island has been left since the 1920's until I built a small cabin two years ago. Natural succession has continued since the last sheep were taken off in the 1940's. The only management objective was to allow nature to take its course. Over this time period, visitors and many people of the local area have enjoyed using it for camping, hiking and picnicking with little guidance or control. No serious damage or events occurred on the island until the winter of 1989 when an ice storm caused a twenty five acre area of spruce forest to blow over. This event, combined with the ever increasing use of the Island by the public and the shift in control and ownership of the Island from the old patriarch of the Cabot family to the governing body of the Cabot Land Corporation, made it clear that there was a need to decide on a plan of action for the management of the property.

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