Indigenous roots, new thought :developing a learning tool for knowing gaian interconnection

Moore, Pamela Allison
Ty Minton
Department of Environmental Studies
The development of a learning tool called The Gaia Symbol Matrix Map© consisted of three overlapping parts: 1) Ongoing research built the learning tool's base of meaning; 2) Visual design and production of the tool flowed from this meaning and; 3) Use of the tool with individuals and small groups verified its authenticity. The research covered three areas: 1) The development of the Gaia Theory was traced and its basic concepts examined; 2) Indigenous ways of knowing were compared with the meeting of East-West thought in today's sciences and; 3) The concept of brain-mind was studied relative to the actual mechanics of the knowing process. Visual design utilized a card deck of symbols and scenarios to encourage the release of awareness through intuition. The individual cards are interpreted by participants to design a map to the solution of specific, question-formulated concerns. Actual use of the tool has engendered support for its commercial production. In such event, all card scenarios (currently in prototype form) will be chosen to specifically relate to ecological and psychological concepts which point toward awareness of gaian interconnection.

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