Implementing a Regenerative Economy: What historical and current strategies of change can tell us about the future

Eliza Kovnat
Department of Environmental Studies
It is well understood that the current global economic system is pushing ecological systems into collapse. We are beyond the limits to growth and in turn must find solutions that bring nations and economies back to a state of ecological and social sustainability and regeneration. The key to do this lies in the foundational principles of a Regenerative Economic Systema concept brought forth by John Fullerton, CEO and founder of the Capital Institute. Implementation is the next step. This paper will look at exactly what the best practices are for implementing a Regenerative Economic System. After a detailed analysis of a number of change-case studies and strategy of change theories, a summation of the best practices for implementing a successful Regenerative Economic System will be synthesized.

While the exact details of implementation remain unclear, what is certain is that the principles put forth in this paper have shown to be and are projected to be fundamental to the process of systemic change.