Environmental activities for people who use English as a foreign language

Perlow, Ruth
Alexandra Dawson
Department of Environmental Studies
This environmental activity booklet was developed in response to requests from Czech and Slovak people who want to learn more about the environment and increase their environmental English vocabulary. The participants have been adults and adolescents already involved in the environmental field and have a working knowledge of English. Many of these environmentalists work full-time for governmental institutes, national parks, protected landscape areas, environmental centers and youth organizations. Others are teachers and students at the university and high school level who are interested in the environment. The purpose of this booklet is to offer its use to those interested in stimulating environmental awareness in people who are interested in the environment and use English as a foreign language. It contains a variety of practical activities designed to foster discussion and the exchange of ideas about environmental problems. These activities are also planned to improve the environmental English vocabulary of the participants so that they can access environmental information and network with other countries, especially the West. All of the activities in this booklet have been field tested. They are separated into units and can be used in any sequence. These activities have been used in two hour to one week, six hour-a-day sessions, in a variety of settings. They can also be used in countries other than the Czech and Slovak Republics. Ruth Perlow, author of these activities, is presently serving in the U.S.A. Peace Corps as a volunteer in the Czech Republic (formerly Czechoslovakia). Ruth is receiving her Master's Degree in Resource Management and Administration and has been in the environmental field for eight years. She has worked most closely with NGO's (non-governmental organizations), national parks and protected landscape areas, environmental government scientists, youth groups and environmental education centers. Ruth has worked closely with her husband, Ken, who has been a teacher for 27 years. He is presently in the Peace Corps with Ruth.

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