A strategic plan for a tri-state citizen monitoring program in the Hoosic River Basin

Schoen, Jerry
Alexandra Dawson
Department of Environmental Studies
This report offers recommendations on how to organize a citizen monitoring program (CMP) in the Hoosic River basin, located in New York, Vermont, and Massachusetts. The author reviewed several existing programs, including the Acid Rain Monitoring program, the River Watch Network, the Massachusetts Water Watch Partnership, and the current Hoosic River Watershed Association's program to determine which practices might be duplicated and which should be avoided. An assessment of physical, demographic, and governmental features was conducted, relying on surveys, interviews, and other published information. The recommendations in this report were based on the Hoosic River basin assessment, on the observed CMP's and on existing literature about the design and organization of CMP's and other water quality monitoring systems. The author recommends steps to be taken in each of seven categories: Program Organization, Water Sampling, Data Management, Public Relations, Financial Administration, Education, and Advocacy.

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