A computer-based method for resolving environmental issues in the MDC Blue Hills Reservation

Ivas, Steven P.
Alexandra Dawson
Department of Environmental Studies
This project paper outlines a method which can be used to resolve environmental problems in large urban parks, like the Metropolitan District Commission Blue Hills Reservation. The informational requirements of solutions to these issues are great. The key element of this method is the utilization of a computer to manipulate complex information. The establishment of this method is the first stop in the evolution of an expert system to solve these problems. Definitions of computer terminology are included for staff who do not have prior computer experience. Background information on computer-based resolution methods, an introduction to computer hardware and software, details of the construction of chronology and players knowledge bases, sources of information for knowledge bases and recommendations for future work in environmental protection, including online databases and expert systems are detailed. Appendices include: abbreviations, scope of services for MDC Environmental Protection Specialist, examples of chronology and players knowledge bases, research sources, examples of files useful to the resolution of environmental problems in the Blue Hills Reservation, references, and instruction for reading this report from floppy disks.

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