A computer-based, intelligent, multimedia taxonomic key specification :Massachusetts herp atlas taxonomic key, functional and technical design requirements and methodology

Butcher, Ken
Ty Minton
Department of Environmental Studies
This document details the functional and technical requirements for a computer-based, intelligent, multimedia taxonomic key. Although this document is prepared in partial completion of my Master's Project, it is not written in thesis format. The intent is to describe and detail the necessary functions and components of a successful software programming project. This document is a blueprint for building a computerized, intelligent, multimedia taxonomic key. As a computer-based, intelligent, multimedia, taxonomic key cook book, this document contains information from diverse fields including zoology, biology, ecology, systematics, computer science, artificial intelligence, and computer database design theory. However, because it is an original design specification much of the information in this document is based on ideas and creativity of the author. The first section describes some of the design assumptions and describes the scope of the project. The second section reviews traditional and state of the art key design methodologies. The remaining sections make up the functional specification and technical requirements for a computerized, intelligent, multimedia, taxonomic key.

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