A Board Manual including Organizational Recommendations for the Deerfield River Watershed Association, Inc.

Linde, Michael
Julia Bell
Department of Environmental Studies
The watershed of the Deerfield River is the least populated and developed region in Southern New England. In addition to diverse natural resources, the watershed contains numerous significant recreational and cultural resources. The Deerrfield River Watershed Association, Inc. is an unstaffed non-profit organization formed three years ago to address land use issues due to increased growth and development and impairment of river-related recreational opportunities and ecology due to numerous hydropower dams and impoundments. The organization now anticipates a sizable turnover in the current mostly original, membership of the board of directors and expects that new members will be a diverse group considerably less familiar with resources in the watershed and having no organizational memory. The primary purpose of this document is to provide a compilation of selected organizational materials and resource information to assist in the orientation and subsequent performance of new board members. The author, founding President of the organization, offers a series of recommendations for consideration by board members. The bibliography provides references for additional information on resources, conservation techniques, and organizational planning. The appendix includes materials to assist an understanding of the prior activities of the organization.