1998 woody, herbaceous, and fungal plant inventory of the Bonnyvale Environmental Education Center in West Brattleboro, Vermont

Fiske, Julia M.
Rick Van de Poll
Department of Environmental Studies
A natural resource inventory was conducted on the leased property of Bonnyvale Environmental Education Center during the summer of 1998. This study was conducted to collect base-line data on vascular plants, fungi, and plant communities to be used for future land management, education and research purposes. Data was first collected in test plots to determine the number of study plots needed. Study plots were then located and sampled, frequency, density, and coverage in the tree, sapling and shrub layers. Frequency of occurrence was calculated in the fungal layer. This data was then used to analyze relative importance values for each species in each layer for the entire property. Acer saccharum was the dominant species in all vegetation layers. When the herbaceous layer was analyzed without the tree species, Rhamnus frangula and Dryopteris intermedia respectively had the first and second highest plot occurrences. Rare plants such as Panax quinquefolius and Geranium bicknellii were found on the property. Bonnyvale Environmental Education Center is rich in plant and fungi diversity. There were a total of 240 species found. If the plots were monitored from the beginning to the end of the growing season more species would likely be found. The data collected could be used for a variety of educational and research properties.

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