Waldorf Year-Round Options

The Year-Round options include:

The year-round program is designed for elementary school candidates and begins with a three-week intensive summer term, constituting the first semester of the program. During this session, students deepen their study of anthroposophy in relation to Waldorf education. A major portion of the summer term consists of workshops in the arts: eurythmy, speech, music, and painting. The focus is on the students’ own artistic development and the path of inner growth, so important in Waldorf education. The July term can be both demanding and exhilarating.

In the fall semester, students begin a comprehensive course in Waldorf curriculum, as well as further coursework in other areas. Students should expect to spend Thursdays, Fridays, and some Saturdays in class; with more days required during internships. Required visits to both Waldorf and public schools also begin at this time. In addition, degree candidates who wish to receive a recommendation for New Hampshire state teacher certification begin selected courses in developmental psychology and educational methods.

Waldorf curriculum and arts courses continue during the spring semester. Internships also begin during this semester. Degree and state certification candidates will pursue additional coursework in elementary curriculum, learning theory, reading and math curriculum, remedial needs, and school law. The first internship placement for degree candidates will be in either an approved public or Waldorf school. Waldorf Certificate candidates will be placed in selected Waldorf schools under an approved Waldorf teacher.

The following summer, students return for a second three-week intensive session which constitutes the program’s fourth semester. Workshops in the arts continue, but now with emphasis on the ways in which the teacher works in the arts with the children. The students also pursue courses in the science curriculum for the upper elementary grades, in specific techniques for the teaching of reading and math, and in Steiner’s Foundations of Human Experience. Waldorf Certificate students complete their program at the end of the second summer session.

During the final fall semester, master’s degree and state certification candidates complete their second and final internship in either an approved public school or Waldorf school. When in the local area, students meet for weekly internship seminars in order to reflect upon their experiences and to discuss the evolution of a personal philosophy of education. Students may wish to participate in Waldorf internships at locations geographically distant from Antioch University New England. Those seeking a master’s degree without state certification are also required to complete a Master’s Project.

Students successfully completing the Waldorf Concentration, master’s degree, and state certification requirements will receive the MEd degree in April following successful completion of their final fall semester. Students who have successfully completed the program will be recommended for New Hampshire teacher certification.