Exemplary Waldorf Master’s Projects

Waldorf paintingStudents in the Waldorf Program develop projects that enhance their insights into children, pedagogical methods, and a variety of aspects of the Waldorf school as an organization. They share their results with many different constituents including colleagues and Waldorf school faculties. Recent student projects have included: the production of illustrated Waldorf main lesson books so that students will know how to execute these valuable tools with elementary age children; the creation of a school lunch program based on sound tenets of nutrition, embryology, and child development, along with the effect of different food types on high school students; and the development of a comprehensive reading program with fully articulated teaching methods and age-appropriate literature for the Waldorf classroom.

From the Space of the Imagination to the Plane of the Page
Helping Students Bring Shape to Their Writing in Grades 3-6

by Claire Gavin

Waldorf Music Education: Foundations for Excellence

by Janet McCandlas

Finding the Balance Between Pre-Teen Marketing and Waldorf Education During the 12 Year Change

by Dean Carter

Paths Toward Racial Diversity in Waldorf Schools

by Vernon Dewey

Folk Dancing Through the Grades: A Developmental Approach

by Catherine Flynn

Chalkboard Drawing in the Waldorf Classroom

by Catie Johnson

Apis mellifera (The Honey Bee): A Teacher’s Companion

by Lauren Johnson