Waldorf Summer Intensive

Dates for Antioch Waldorf Summer 2017 Education Intensive Courses:

  • 2nd Renewal Week (2 Antioch co-sponsored courses) Sunday, July 2 – Friday, July 7
  • 3-week Antioch Intensive: Sunday, July 9 – Saturday, July 29

Waldorf paintingRegardless of the specific program in which students have enrolled, their Waldorf Teacher Education program begins with a three-week summer intensive in Wilton, New Hampshire. Summer Sequence Waldorf Certificate and MEd students attend three sequential July intensives, with the remainder of their work done from their home in the interim semesters. Year Round students attend two sequential July intensives, with the remainder of their coursework done 2-3 days a week in Keene at Antioch University New England during the fall and spring semesters. After the final July intensive is finished, students enrolled in an MEd program may have additional semesters of internships/practica and/or Master’s Projects to complete.

Coursework is completed in Wilton at the Pine Hill Waldorf School, an elementary level school. Dining and limited housing facilities are available across the street at the High Mowing School, a Waldorf high school. Faculty are brought in from all over the country, and the world to teach a variety of courses. Although students usually only take courses with students in their program there are many opportunities to connect with students in other programs during the renewal weeks, at daily meals, and at different evening activities such as community meetings and demonstration night.