Program Structure

Inside, Outside, Everyone at the Table!

AUNE is known for our innovative programs in elementary education.  These include our Nature-Based Early Childhood Program, our Holistic Special Education/Elementary Education Dual Certification program and our long-standing commitment to the Integrated Learning model of curriculum design.  We also have one of the most vibrant Waldorf teacher training programs in the country. When you come to AUNE, regardless of your area of specialization, you join a passionate group of colleagues who are working at the forefront of the field.

An Active Learning Community

Join active, engaged and socially conscious faculty and students.  You’ll find this environment nurtures personal reflection and supports your development as an innovative teacher.  We emphasize the importance of professional collaboration and teaching as part of a community.  You’ll develop strong professional and personal relationships with professors and classmates that will continue years after you earn your degree.

The Integrated Learning Model

Our teacher certification programs follow an integrated learning educational model.  You’ll be able to design a curriculum around interdisciplinary themes using real life experiences.  You’ll develop dynamic, inclusive lessons that build on the strengths of your students and allow them to explore their world by integrating play, movement, inquiry, technology, artistic expression, time in nature, and collaborative problem-solving.  Embed reading and math instruction into your thematic lessons by using cutting edge methods that also honor the natural rhythms of child development.  Ultimately, you’ll create a community of learners that honors diversity and fosters belonging.

Become a Teacher in 16 Months

Other programs may offer a faster path to a teaching license, but studies show that their graduates are less prepared to enter the classroom.  This program is designed to insure that you feel ready to teach through a challenging, stimulating and highly relevant set of courses and two full semesters of student teaching, in two different educational settings.

The First Fall

Autumn is spectacular in Keene, NH.  During your first semester you begin with course work on Thursdays and Fridays and some weekends.  During the fall, you will also begin classroom visits, to learn about student teaching options and explore what kind of setting is right for you.  You’ll get to know the members of your cohort and your colleagues in the Waldorf Teacher Education program. Courses include: Human Development, Integrated Learning, Reading/Literacy and Integrated Arts.  Enjoy fun and fulfilling electives on weekends scattered throughout the fall semester.  Options may include: Movement and Storytelling, Children’s Games, Natural History for Early Childhood and Place-based Education.

The Spring Semester

During the winter/spring semester, you will begin your first student teaching internship on Monday-Wednesday and participate in classes on Thursdays, Fridays, and some weekends. Your Professional Seminar allows you to work closely with faculty to make sense of your student teaching work and to discuss problems of practice with peers.  Additional course work includes:  Math Methods, Conceptual Development and Learning Theory, Leading Inclusion: Building Bridges, and School Law. Electives may include: Mindfulness Practices for Educators, Living and Healing Arts, and Creative Bookbinding,

The Summer Semester

The summer semester provides opportunities for short intensive classes in June and early July.  Some classes meet all day for a week and others for a morning or afternoon over a two week period.  Course work includes: Teaching Exceptional Children, Early Childhood Education, Problem-Solving Science and Place-based Social Studies.  Summer electives may include our very popular Critical Skills Institute, Childhood and Nature, Music and Social History and The First Six Weeks of School.

The Final Fall

After a generous break through the end of July and most of August, our final fall allows you to continue to work here in the Keene, NH area or to move closer to where you plan to live and work after graduation.  You have a second internship and can complete course work on campus or on-line depending on your circumstances.

New Hampshire’s Unique Educational Experiment

The state of New Hampshire is currently engaged in one of the most progressive educational experiments in the nation.  All colleges and universities that provide educator development have joined together into a formal network designed to offer our students the highest quality in teacher preparation.  We are currently in the process of piloting a new portfolio process for certification called the TCAP, which is based on having students demonstrate, through their student teaching and course work, that they have met all of the highest competencies required to teach.  This is all part of the State’s on-going effort to transform teaching and learning.  You can read more about that here at New Hampshire Goes First.