Holistic Special Education Concentration

The program’s purpose is to provide a holistic and integrated experience for students.  The best teacher can meet a wide range of needs, so AUNE’s elementary teacher certification program is already rooted in the philosophy of integrated learning and inclusion ; teaching children of all abilities and challenges. The AUNE faculty has long experience in teaching differentiated instruction. Those strategies and approaches are interwoven through all of the education courses.

Jane Miller TeachingThe Holistic Special Education concentration is for Elementary Teacher Certification students who wish to also earn General Special Education certification. This concentration will prepare teachers to work effectively as either general or special education teachers, or both and to be leaders in educational environments that are in various stages of moving towards inclusion. Students in this concentration take the same core courses leading towards elementary certification as the students in the Arts and Humanities concentration and the Science and Environmental Education concentration. Additionally, they are required to take a set of courses specific to Special Education.

Knowledge, Skills, and Competencies
Graduates master the knowledge, skills, and competencies listed in the standards for general special education certification.  In particular, they are expected to know and to be able to explain:

  • how children think and learn, and why fluency in multiple instructional strategies can be effective when teaching in classrooms whose children have diverse academic and social learning abilities;
  • how to design curriculum that takes into account the developmental needs of the whole child, and how the child is influenced by family, cultural background, socioeconomic class, language, and social groups; and
  • how and why collaborative practices between general and special education educators are important and are beneficial to all learners.

Credit and Course Details
Students choosing the Holistic Special Education concentration will be required to take 42 credits to earn their Master’s in Education. They are expected to complete the following:

  • 15 required courses (31 credits);
  • 3 professional seminars (0 credits);
  • 2 internships (6 credits);
  • 4-5 electives (5 credits).

Courses specific to the Holistic Special Education concentration include:

  • Leading Inclusion
  • Teaching Exceptional Children
  • Special Education: Families and Supportive Networks
  • Special Education Law
  • Special Education: Assessment and Instructional Strategies
  • Special Education Internship

Holistic Special Education students do one internship in a self-contained classroom and another internship in a special education setting.

Graduates who successfully complete this concentration are eligible for Elementary Teacher certification in the State of New Hampshire and General Special Education certification in the State of New Hampshire.