Teacher Certification Programs | Initial Licensure for Elementary, Early Childhood, and Special Education

Teacher Certification Programs

If you have already earned an undergraduate degree, this program allows you to complete a master’s of education (MEd) graduate degree and gain initial teacher licensure for the following:

Become an Elementary School Teacher in 16 Months

Earn your master’s degree and teaching certification quickly. Learn to design and implement a range of essential classroom skills. Manage your time, create your ideal classroom, and inspire your students to achieve.

Integrated Learning—Transform the Traditional

Our integrated learning approach to education will help you transform the traditional classroom. Your students will experience a hands-on education.  You’ll have them use glue and scissors to create puppets and plays. Your students will learn to write, knit,  and bind books. You’ll help them explore far beyond the confines of textbook learning, bringing students outdoors, with our Nature-Based Early Childhood Certificate classes.

Progressive Education Philosophy Benefits Students

Teaching to the test has become prevalent in our nation’s schools due to No Child Left Behind. Yet studies show that the methods our graduates use — developmentally appropriate teaching, thematically focused pedagogy, integrated curriculum and placed-based learning — are the most effective ways to promote student success and achievement, including learning that is measured on standardized tests.

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Interstate Teacher Certification Means You Can Be Certified to Teach in Other States

Not only will you learn alongside students from across the country, with myriad backgrounds and experiences, but earning your teacher certification here in New Hampshire gives you access to an interstate teacher certification association agreement, paving your way to certification in 42 other states.

Our Faculty | Experts in Education

Our faculty don’t live in the ivory tower. They are recognized as national educational leaders, thinkers, and trainers. They work with educators across the country and bring this current, practical insight home to their students at Antioch University New England. They reach out through our national Center for Place-Based Education and our Critical Skills program, and through the networks of the School Reform Initiative and the Coalition of Essential Schools.

Teacher Certification

Program Delivery

  • Start: Fall
  • Classes:  Two days per week plus internship
  • Credits: 40-42
  • Finish: 4 semesters/16 months

Antioch University New England is fully accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.